Men, Are You Experiencing Hair Loss? Is it Affecting your Confidence?

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Take Action and Get Your Hair Back

There are many reasons for male hair loss. The caring experts at Pacific Hair Institute will help you identify the cause of your hair loss. We’re focused on designing a custom treatment plan using advanced hair restoration techniques that will give you a full, natural, permanent hairline, taking 15 years off your look. You’ll wish you did this years ago!

It Begins with a Hair Loss Diagnosis

Before determining your best course of treatment, our male hair loss specialists will carefully assess the following:
  • Actual male hair loss verses hair breakage
  • Male pattern hair loss or non-pattern hair loss
  • Anlagen effluvium (male hair thinning) verses hair shedding
  • Male hair shaft reduction verses reduced density
  • Male scarring alopecia verses non-scarring alopecia

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Go with the Gold Standard in Hair Restoration

Pacific Hair Institute’s decades of medical and aesthetic experience, along with highly advanced technology, gives us the edge as one of the most in-demand practices in California. Our experts will fully assess your condition and prepare a treatment protocol designed exclusively for you.

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Male Hair Restoration Treatments May Include:

  • Male NEOGRAFT follicular unit extraction (FUE)
  • Male hair transplantation for pattern hair loss
  • Male hybrid hair transplant plus NEOGRAFT

  • Male platelet rich plasma (PRP) in-office hair stimulation
  • Pharmaceutical-grade male hair growth products
  • Pellet bio-identical male hormone replacement therapy

Discover What Pacific Hair Institute Can Do for You.

Dr. M. Elliott, MD, FAACC, Founder of Pacific Hair has performed over 30,000 hair restoration procedures. Our experts are dedicated to producing successful results for you. You’ll receive a comprehensive male hair loss assessment with a one-on-one consultation for making an informed decision.

Restore Your Hair Today… and Bring that Swagger Back!

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