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Anti-Aging to Look and Feel Younger

Two principal factors contribute to how young you look and feel:
•  Your genetics
•  Your level of hormones still functioning in your body

Hormone replacement is one of the principal cornerstones of anti-aging therapy. For women, pellets containing bio-identical estradiol hormone are placed under the skin every three months to maintain proper estrogen levels. This is always supplemented by progesterone pills which are taken under the tongue daily.  For men and women, testosterone pellets under the skin are the cornerstone of therapy. Women need a testosterone level of about 100 to 150 units for best overall body function, strength, sexual drive, and hair growth. Men need a level of about 1000-1200 units.

Optimizing your thyroid hormone levels is also critical to anti-aging. This is best measured by the free T3, which is the active form of thyroid which is not bound and is therefore available to function in your body.  The normal range is about 2.2 to 4.2 in most laboratories. Dr. Rouzier in Palm Springs has vast experience with thousands of cases and has found that raising the free T3 to about 4.2 or slightly more in persons over 50, will generally provide maximum energy, maximum mental outlook, increased metabolic rate to metabolize food that is ingested, and best hair and skin growth. This is true for both men and women. T4 is the form of thyroid that comes out of the thyroid gland and is metabolized to T3 (the active form) in the tissues. As we get older, the ability to convert T4 to T3 in the tissues falls off. Many times when we measure the free T3 in middle-aged persons, we find it to be in the range of 2.3 to 2.4. This is insufficient. This type of free T3 deficiency is generally treated with Armour Thyroid or similar products. These products contain both T4 and T3. This cannot be treated with the common thyroid supplement Synthroid because Synthroid is only T4. In addition to hormones, a number of supplements are necessary both for the hormones to function at their best, and for best body functioning.

They include the following vitamins and minerals:
Vitamin D3 5000 IU daily.
GNC Mega Vitamins, one twice daily.
Biotin 6000 daily.
Omega 3 capsule daily.
Citracal/Glucosamine daily.
Vitamin K2 500 mcg daily.
DIM 2100 mg daily (from Bioresponse).
Zinc Selenium





MEDICAL LASERS come in a variety of about 20 different kinds. Their functions vary, but they work successfully for removing wrinkles, tightening skin, removing age spots, peeling and resurfacing the skin, treating acne, treating various vascular lesions, and the like. These are available from Pacific Hair’s associated practice, which is Laser and Dermatology Institute of California, located at 3140 Redhill Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, (949) 757-1585.

SURGICAL PROCEDURES are available to treat any number of problems, and the most common for anti-aging and to look younger are the neck lift which tightens up the loose skin under the neck, the facelift, the brow lift combined with hair transplantation, and staged liposuction (which could require four to six procedures), followed by excess skin removal or a tummy tuck.  These are available from Pacific Hair’s associated practice, which is Mira Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery and Weight Loss Center located at 3140 Redhill Ave., Suite 150, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (, 714-544-8678.

SEXUAL FUNCTION for men generally consists of daily Cialis, which also helps to keep the prostate under control, and in some cases, penile microinjections to maintain an erection. For women, which in many cases have atrophic vaginas, there are laser treatments for the vagina, medical treatments in the form of pills, and PRP, which can be injected into the vagina. All of these are intended to restore the vagina to more youthful function.

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma, and it is a recently-developed treatment for acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries or pain. PRP is derived from your own blood. It is the result of filtering out other cells and plasma such that a small amount of platelets remain. This highly-concentrated platelet solution is then injected into damaged areas to catalyze the growth of new soft tissue.

Some doctors inject PRP into the areas in the scalp before hair transplants on the theory that the hair will grow more quickly.

Some doctors have developed treatment for atrophic vagina with PRP injections, treatment for impotence with PRP injections of the penis, and others have developed a micro needling technique with PRP which theoretically causes the facial skin to produce new collagen and elastin tissue, which improves wrinkles and the like.

Lastly, PRP is used as a treatment to stimulate hair growth in women with chronically thinning hair for which there is no good therapy. It is part of the protocol listed elsewhere in the book to stimulate and enhance thinning and/or transplanted hair.

Hormonal Synergy depends on a careful balance of the following:
•    SUPPLEMNTS – Like Iodine, Vitamin A-D-K to support cellular and immune function
•    TESTOSTERONE – for brain, heart, breast, bone, prostrate protection and hair growth in men over 75 and post-menopausal women
•    PROGESTERONE – for breast, brain protection; improves sleep and mood swings in women
•    ESTROGEN – for brain, heart, bone and vaginal protection
•    THYROID OPTIMIZATION – provides energy to cells, heart protection, assists weight loss and best hair growth


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