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2017 Fee Schedule


The surgical fee is due one week prior to surgery. Pacific Hair accepts Discover, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Credit cards in the name of a person other than the patient are not accepted unless that person is also present to sign for the charge. (We prefer no Amex) Care Credit is available OAC.

Amex/Discover and Mastercard/Visa should be charged one week before surgery. Please phone in your credit card information. Give the information to our scheduling department. Cash, certified or cashier’s checks are also accepted. Because of interstate banking regulations, we DO NOT accept OUT-OF-STATE-CHECKS except 10 days prior to surgery. If you wish long-term financing, your Patient Services Director will assist you.

To schedule surgery: You need to pay $1000 of the procedure fee (below) as a deposit. Drs. Elliott and Calder do not accept Medicare.

* All post-operative visits every three to six months are included.Lab and prescriptions are paid directly to the lab and pharmacy and are not part of the surgery fee. Lab and prescription fees usually runs $100.00 to $150.00 for each and are usually covered by your insurance. Hylenex, PRP, ACell, and Exparel are not covered by insurance.